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Rust Protection

ValuGard Rust Inhibitor & Undercoating

While most modern cars, trucks, and SUVs are increasingly made with plastics and other rust-prohibitive materials, the development of rust is still a threat, especially in the Midwest where winter road solvents are unavoidable. Rust is the slang term for iron oxide, a common chemical compound that is created with the blending of iron and oxygen. Rust is often seen by drivers as nothing more than a cosmetic problem, but if not addressed properly it can cause significant safety issues. Once rust penetrates the surface of your car and begins to attack your vehicle’s frame, from there it can easily spread to the brakes, fuel lines, and suspension of your car, compromising the overall strength of your vehicle. To maintain the condition of your vehicle for years to come, you should consider investing in car rust protection to avoid any major problems from occurring. At Armor Rust Protection, we use a combination of ValuGard products by Automotive International, Inc. because they are designed to meet or exceed the standards of major car makers worldwide: as well as meeting the most stringent test standards for corrosion. The ValuGard Rust Inhibitor is a solvent-borne, wax-based corrosion preventing compound. Atomized into cavities via existing drain holes and hard-to-reach areas for optimal protection. It dries to a semi-firm film to create a durable barrier that prevents corrosion on the most susceptible areas of your vehicle. Meets or exceeds Military Specifications for corrosion prevention. The ValuGard Undercoating is a high-performance solvent-based asphalt coating for underside panels of automotive vehicles to provide a waxy flexible and abrasion resistant coating. It provides superior protection against corrosion caused by moisture, salt, alkalis and galvanic reaction. Coupled with the Rust Inhibitor it offers a full-scale Military Spec program to protect your vehicle.

ValuGard Products Features & Benefits:

  • Products approved by engineering departments at major Auto Manufacturers

  • Products are formulated for one-time application on new vehicles: no need for annual visits for reapplication 

  • Automotive International is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, demonstrating a higher level of consistent quality

  • Anti-Corrosion products are designed, tested and PROVEN specifically against the new liquid nano de-icing brines used through the country

  • ValuGard Protection Products are backed by rock-solid limited warranties as strong as the product

  • ValuGard product lines are proudly made in the USA and have been protecting vehicles for over 40 years

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Bedliner Protection

Badgerliner Spray-on Bedliners

Protecting your truck bed is an essential step in either maintaining your truck or restoring your truck, even if it’s already been beaten up. A spray-on bedliner is a coating applied to a truck bed and adheres to the bed itself to protect the bed from scratches, abrasions, and other damage. Additionally, the bedliner creates a waterproof seal on top of the truck bed, leaving no room for water penetration, which prevents corrosion and rust from forming, providing uniform protection. Moving large equipment or furniture means regular stress on the paint job of your truck bed. As soon as there is damage to the paint, the metal underneath is exposed to the elements. You should avoid vehicle rust is as many ways as possible and this can be done with a high-quality spray-on bedliner. In addition, bedliners typically provide significantly improved traction, even in wet and snowy conditions. At Armor Rust Protection, we use the Badgerliner polyurea hybrid truck bedliner system by Volatile Free, Inc. that is durable and long lasting with a 20-year track record of success. Badgerliner has been put through real life testing in cold and hot environments and chemical spills, and provides a durable, non-slip and rust preventive coating with excellent strength and protection long-term.

Bedliner Features & Benefits:

  • Formulated for maximum impact and abrasion resistance

  • Superior slip and skid resistant from cargo movement

  • Delivers watertight seal for superior rust and corrosion protection

  • Extended protection from wear while still maintaining flexibility

  • Eliminates vibration noise and offers sound dampening capabilities

  • Can handle extreme temperatures over extended periods of time or harsh weather fluctuations from season to season

  • Multiple Uses: Pickup Beds, ATVs & UTVs, Trailers, Outdoor & More

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