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Vehicles are our passion! As classic car and hot rod owners, we have always valued making vehicles last.

Armor Rust Protection began as a way to offer a needed service in the central plains area of Wisconsin. As native Midwesterners, we knew that there’s nothing more painful than watching rust take hold of your new vehicle. 

We are firm believers in being proactive and taking care of the vehicles we own, as well as helping others keep their vehicles well taken care of. Wisconsin winters require our roads to be heavily salted and brined to keep motorists safe, but unfortunately, it’s not safe for our vehicles!  
Knowing the area needed an installer to provide rust protection services to shield vehicles from Wisconsin’s severe weather conditions, we researched to find long-lasting, American-made products with long track records of success that can be counted on. We would never sell products that we wouldn't put on our own vehicles. 


Meet the Team

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